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Commercial Grid Tie

Your business is our priority. Osprey takes a unique approach of helping you reduce your consumption first, as these are the most cost-effective measures. See our energy efficiency services for more information. Then with rooftop or ground-mounted solar installations, we can supply the energy you need to improve your profits, eliminate business interruption and reduce your carbon footprint. 

Its good to be green. 

Residential Solar

Osprey electric is proud to have installed the largest residential solar installation in BC. We are also happy to help with small systems to reduce Hydro bills and your energy footprint. Add storage to your system to provide energy independence and backup power in the event of power outages.

Net metering is an agreement between you and BC Hydro.  The agreement states that BC Hydro will credit your account for the excess electricity and that you produce and feed into the grid. Osprey will ensure you get paid for your investment.

Here are some examples of pre-packaged systems for your home or we will custom design a solution tailored to your needs..

Its also good to save the green.

Off Grid

Whether you have a seasonal cabin at the lake, live fulltime without the grid or operate your business in a remote location, Osprey Electric can supply you with an energy solution that does not cramp your style.

Design of an off-grid energy system should be tailored to your specific needs. Your off-grid solution can include solar, wind, microhydro, generator and storage solutions. Osprey will install and integrate these technologies to provide you with the power that you need for every season. We specialize in minimizing your generator runtime to reduce costly fuel consumption.  We also provide service contracts to remotely monitor your system to ensure that you have the power that you need every day of the year.

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Red Seal Electricians

From design to install, we have Red Seal electricians on staff involved through-out your project, we are at heart a bunch of electricians who love solar! This ensures we are providing the absolute best method for your project.

Commercial and Residential Electrical Contracting Background

Often Solar is one part of much larger project, having one company handle all aspects of your project ensures consistency and coordination across multiple disciplines. 

Solar Contractor Experience

The solar certification industry in BC is still the wild west. Many training facilities provide 3 day "certification" courses. How do you know who is qualified to provide an installation best suited to meet your needs. Hiring a Professional electrical contractor with a proven solar history is always your best bet. 

Expert Estimators with Cutting Edge Software

We have expert professional estimators with top of the line software. This provides not just accurate cost proposals but detailed analysis of your potential solar array.  With our software utilizing state of the art satellite imagery we can zoom in on your home and provide detailed reports for your potential install without even coming to site.

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Its just better to own your power than rent it.

Passive House Construction
Gabriolla Solar

Grid Tied Solar

-Gabriolla, BC

Custom GreenBuild

--Gabriola, BC

Coast Road Solar

Largest Residential Solar install in BC.


Osprey designed and implemented a complete interconnection of a 26 KW Solar System. This is one of the largest Residential Solar installations for BC. For this project we worked alongside BC Hydro Net Metering Department, Safety Authority Inspectors, and local Solar Co-Op.



Passive Design Home


A rare "Passive Home Design" in partnership with Pheasant Hill Homes. Built for optimal energy efficiency, this home included LED Lighting, central generator, automated transfer switch, and unprecedented attention to detail from the ground up. A challenging exciting build for all trades involved!



Solar Cabin

Near Nanaimo lakes remote Vancouver Island, BC

Off Grid Solar Cabin


Designed and implemented 100% in house, this cabin is completely self sufficient. Includes all the normal electrical requirements of a home plus a solar array with central inverter and battery charge controller. This is further synchronized with a back up generator to keep the cabin warm and fridge cold 365 days a year. We love the challenge of remote projects.