Our impact on this earth has never been at greater scrutiny. Providing simple clear solutions that increase your bottom line and conserve your resources are the services we offer. 


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Using audits, retrofits and alternative energy

We offer a unqiue service. There are not very many companies who can provide technical profiency matched with construction execution in the enviroment of energy recovery.


You can transition from your current energy state to your target state with our help. We can remove this "loss" gap by completing a simple sequence of discovery to recovery.


  • Analyzing the existing system

  • Providing a technical report with clear potential energy financial gains.

  • Estimating Construction Costs. 

  • Execution of your chosen project. 


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-Power Factor Correction - 

-LED Fixture Upgrades - 

-Electrical Vehicle Chargers- 

- Solar Alternative Energy -

- Micro Hydro - Off Grid PV Design -

- Generators and Transfer Switches-

-Battery Maintenance and Replacement-


Are you preparing for end of time in the woods or just wanting to offset hydro.  We service all our customers. 

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Energy Efficiency

We provide certified energy analysis, audits, and design. Looking at the entire picture, providing options. ​

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