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Alternative Energy Solutions Nanaimo  

We see in many customers a desire for alternative energy. Grid tied? Solar Power? Generators? Batteries? Which is the best way to go and what does all this mean?


With countless renewable energy installs and even more electrical installations throughout Vancouver Island, we can guarantee you are getting the best value.


Our certified red seal electricians make up our team and will guide you from inquiry, through design, to installation.


We make solar easy. 

Experts can do that.


We have completed the two largest residential solar installs in BC.

Renewable energy equipment requires specific location placement and design for optimum efficiency. These businesses, homes or cabin systems necessitate proper installation procedures and most require scheduled maintenance for ongoing energy savings. Larger commercial grade installations have even more factors to incorporate.


Our renowned and detailed estimating process will not only get you the best value but also outline the actual return on your investment using our historical data and forecasted hydro costs ( no fluff we promise).


Do you know your yearly hydro costs? We can tell you with very close approximation how much we can offset your hydro bill. 


We will provide you the information you need to make an informed decision.


"How much will this save off my hydro bill?"

Would you like

25%... 50% or 100% off?

You can reach us by email, phone, or simply swing by our office.

We make solar easy


Its just better to own your power then rent it.

4 Steps for Easy Solar

Solar panels, wind turbines and micro-hydro; you can see alternative energy being used more extensively every year. That’s because material costs are declining and hydro costs are rising, allowing companies and individuals to consider new and exciting alternative energy solutions. 


This can be an easy transition with the right professional design and installation team.


Commercial and Business

Off Grid

Red Seal Electricians

From design to install, we have Red Seal electricians on staff involved through-out your project, we are at heart a bunch of electricians who love solar! This ensures we are providing the absolute best method for your project.

Commercial and Residential Electrical Contracting Background

Often Solar is one part of much larger project, having one company handle all aspects of your project ensures consistency and coordination across multiple disciplines. 

Solar Contractor Experience

The solar certification industry in BC is still the wild west. Many training facilities provide 3 day "certification" courses. How do you know who is qualified to provide an installation best suited to meet your needs. Hiring a Professional electrical contractor with a proven solar history is always your best bet. 

Expert Estimators with Cutting Edge Software

We have expert professional estimators with top of the line software. This provides not just accurate cost proposals but detailed analysis of your potential solar array.  With our software utilizing state of the art satellite imagery we can zoom in on your home and provide detailed reports for your potential install without even coming to site.

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