Osprey Electric started with the idea that having the right people will produce remarkable results.

This team has enabled Osprey Electric to grow and become the preferred electricians for general contractors, developers and homeowners. Our company doesn’t offer a product or a process; we offer a collection of people who love what they do and are very good at it.

We are

Osprey Electric 

Osprey Team


  • To offer quality, neat, efficient electrical installations. 

  • To communicate clearly from start to finish. 

  • To provide fair value for every customer. 

  • To employ people who love what they do.

  • To give back to the community.

The Osprey Advantage
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You can reach Osprey by email, phone, or simply swing by our office.

Vancouver Island Owned and Operated

We Install and fix pretty much anything with wire.


Trained Data, Voice, and Fiber Optic Networks Electricians

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Trained Fire Alarm System Electricians

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"Exceptional Results start with a thought, if we think the right way, the right actions will follow. Below you will find our company DNA so to speak. The values that drive us forward, these tools are the seeds of our success. Just like every project requires a blueprint in order to facilitate construction, so too does a company. Below you will find our blueprint for success."

- Tyler Cody, General Manager

True Value

The Honda or the Pinto?

Often the bottom dollar is misleading and is not reflective of true value. Not all contractors are created equal.

Delivering true value to every project builds long term relationships. Providing exceptional service means helping plan renovations, mapping electrical systems and consulting on projects. 

We’re more than just a service provider; we’re partners with our customers. More value means getting the most for your dollars spent.


We want to impress you.


A great attitude is the key to almost everything. That’s why our commitment is to do more than just get the job done, it’s also being positive and professional.


Earning the preference of our customers means offering a service unlike any other. Great work and great people, that’s the promise we make and commit to.


Hiring a contractor isn’t a small decision. Customer expectations around quality of work and true value for dollars, "bang for the buck" so to speak, are concerns every customer has.

Our approach is to win you over, not just for this project, but the next one as well.  We offer experienced electricians, a reputable name and warranty-backed service. Our goal is to create a comfortable process that provides a finished product you’re confident in. 


Respect is a vital part of our work as electrical contractors. To us, respect is clear communication and then actually doing what we say we will do. Simple.


There are big jobs and small jobs, but there are no unimportant ones. By treating every project with respect and providing a transparent process, we’re earning loyal customers. While this project is important, we want to be your choice for the next one too.