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Harness the power of solar energy! Discover the financial and environmental benefits of solar for your home. From understanding your energy consumption to solar panel installations, our experienced team is here to guide you every step of the way.

Parksville Solar Installation: Savings Powered by the Sun.

Solar power is an incredible energy source derived directly from sunlight. As more and more people become aware of their carbon footprint, the more solar power is becoming popular. The sun provides free, sustainable, and clean energy that we can leverage in place of conventional electricity to power our lives. Solar energy and its benefits can be used to provide heat, light, and other electricity-dependent needs in homes and businesses in our Parksville community. 

 Solar Power in Parksville BC.

5 energy benefits of solar power in Parksville BC- There are many reasons why businesses and homeowners in  the Parksville area are installing solar panels as their energy system of choice. The benefits are endless and not  just for the individual but for the planet as well. Here are 5 ways installing solar panels can benefit you as an  individual and your community.  


  1. It’s good for the Environment. Using renewable energy from the sun helps to reduce our dependency on fossil  fuel sources and does not leave a harmful footprint.  

  2. Solar Panel Installation is reliable and cost effective-Solar Energy is a renewable energy resource from the  sun that does not become depleted as we use it like other fossil fuels. While fossil fuels may run out, sunlight is  here forever. Installing solar panels on your Parksville home will give you an eco-friendly home with financial  savings!  

  3. Savings powered by the sun- In addition to having your home powered by the sun, there are also significant  financial benefits to adding solar panels to your Parksville home. Some might find the initial investment for  installing solar panels to be intimidating but it is a one-time cost and there are federal grants and interest free  loans available to help ease the financial burden. Paying for conventional electricity is an ongoing and expensive  obligation that seems to be on the rise. 

  4. Solar panels are low maintenance and long-lasting energy solution- Osprey has installed many solar power  systems all over Parksville and the surrounding area. Solar panels have a long-life span with very little  maintenance required to keep them powering your home for more than 25 years. With simple maintenance you  can keep your solar panels producing highly efficient power for many years to come. 

  5. It Promotes Energy Independence- Installing solar panels with a battery energy storage system is a great way to become power independent and preserve the nature of Parksville. Switching to sustainable energy and adding solar to your home, you will protect yourself against losses from unforeseen power outages and you will be able to safeguard yourself against rising energy costs. 

Power-Solar-Panels-installation-Parksville-bc-energy-Vermeulen 04.JPG

Solar Power Potential in Parksville BC​.

On average Parksville and Vancouver Island have 295 days of sunshine per year. The primary source of energy to the earth is radiant energy from the sun. This makes Parksville a great location for solar panel installation. Osprey has a team of Solar Installation experts in Parksville that will assess your roof/home for the best solar panel positioning to harness the greatest amount of radiant energy to power your home. 

Comparative analysis of solar potential in Parksville BC vs other regions 

In the past 5 years the number of extreme weather events in BC has tripled resulting in an increase of power  outages by 265%. Climate change is on the rise and Parksville has seen its fair share of power outages. Whether  it is a destructive ice storm, extreme heat, disastrous wildfires or intense windstorms Parksville, BC has seen it  all. As Solar technology is continuously changing and improving its not hard to prove just how efficient solar  power have become. If you are in Parksville or surrounding areas, being more self-sufficient in your day to day  living and in the event of extreme weather, then solar power is a good choice for you. 

Find out if Solar energy is Right for You

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Benefits of Choosing Solar Energy in Parksville

In addition to peace of mind knowing that your home is powered by renewable energy there are also  significant financial benefits for adding solar power to your home in Parksville. The benefits of  harnessing the power of the sun can reduce your carbon footprint, increase the wellness of the earth  and increase the savings in your wallet.  

Green, Clean and saves you money. Solar panels will convert the power of the sun into electricity which  can save thousands of dollars on electricity bills and offer an environmentally friendly and sustainable  way to power your home. 

Incentives in BC For Solar Installations and Property Value Increase​

As solar  technology continues to improve adding solar power to your home is becoming more affordable  and more accessible than ever. Going green with solar power is a long-term investment where  the initial cost will pay for itself over time. Most Parksville solar installations vary in cost  between $20-$35k. There are incentives in place from Municipal, Provincial and Federal Governments to aid homeowners financially to transition to clean energy.

The Canadian Greener Home Program can provide rebate of up to $5,000 towards the installation of a solar system and an interest free loan of up to $40,000 to be repaid over 10 years. BC Hydro has developed a Net Metering program where you can receive a credit when you generate more electricity then you consume. In addition to environmental and financial benefits, installing a solar panel system can bring an increased value to  your home or business in Parksville. Having an eco-friendly home than desirable feature when it comes to  catching the eye of a potential buyer.  

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Power-Solar-Panels-installation-Parksville-bc-energy-Pineridge Farms.jpg

Finding Reliable Solar Installation Services in Parksville BC

Factors to consider when choosing a solar installation company 

Osprey’s Solar team had been installing solar systems in Parksville since 2012. Getting solar in Parksville has  never been a better time. Our Parksville solar team is here to walk you through the whole process and aid you  with the next steps. We have experienced technicians who produce high-quality workmanship and maintain an  outstanding reputation in the community. With their expertise, they will be able to help you decide which system  is right for you, obtain the permits you need depending on where you live and provide you will all the information  on grants and funding available.  

Sunset on Solar Panels
Financing Available for Solar Services
Regardless of your your situation we have solutions.

Greener, Cleaner power that can  save you money?

 In addition to peace of mind knowing your home is powered  by renewable energy there are also significant financial benefits for adding solar power to your home in  Parksville.

Solar panels can save thousands of dollars on electricity bills every year and offer environmentally friendly and  sustainable way to power your home. Investing in solar power has many long-term advantages to support you  becoming power independent. It is clear why so many people are making the switch towards renewable energy.  Whether you’re looking to power your entire home or just supplement some of your energy needs with solar  power, there are options available to suit every budget and lifestyle. Osprey Electric’s professional installation  service is ready and available in Parksville and the surrounding areas. Making the transition has never been  easier so contact us today. Afterall, It’s Brighter Over Here.  

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  • Automatic Standby Generator?
    This is a permanently installed generator mounted to a concrete pad and hardwired into your electrical system fed by a hard piped gas line.
  • Automatic Transfer Switch?
    This is the part that controls what is powering your home, utility or the generator. Normally installed inside next to your main panel, or close to the generator.
  • Load Shedding?
    Load shedding is a method of maximizing the loads backed up by generators undersized to the system by giving the generator the ability to drop certain larger loads in the event that they are overloaded. For example if we had a house with a peak demand of 20KW, we might be able to utilize a smaller 14KW or 18KW by utilizing load shedding on the heat pump and hot water tank. This helps keeps fuel consumption and costs down without compromising functionality!
  • What types of fuel can you use?
    Typically home standby generators are propane or natural gas, but diesel options are also available.
  • What can an automatic standby generator power?
    Smaller installations may be for only the bare essentials (fridge, freezer, water pump, etc.) larger installations may be the entirety of your home including heat, hot water, cooking appliances etc.
  • How long will an automatic standby generator last?
    On average, with the appropriate servicing and maintenance, these generators can last up to 3,000 hours of use but we have also seen much more!
  • How long will an automatic standby generator run during a power outage?
    This depends on your fuel source. Run on natural gas it will run indefinitely. Run on propane it really depends on your loads and the propane tank size. The most common tank is an 80G and most generators consume 2G/hr at 50% so roughly 40 hours. That being said your can always parallel these tanks for a longer runtime.
  • Where can I put the generator?
    Automatic standby generators require 5’ separation from all windows, doors, vents of any kind as well as 10’ from fuel sources and heat pumps. Otherwise they need 18” separation behind from any combustible surfaces and 3’ on either end for intake and exhaust.
  • How do I know what size generator I need?
    This is a free service we offer, but essentially to calculate the generators size we need to identify all the loads the generator will be backing up. Once we have this list we can determine each items power demand in watts and calculate our minimum generator size (eg. well pump 1800 watts, fridge 1000W, freezer 800W, therefore we would require 3600W or a 3.6KW generator minimum)
  • How loud are they?
    61-67dB – I know, “what does that mean?” Well to put it in perspective, 60-70dB is normal conversation. A vacuum cleaner is 70-75dB. The noise inside a car at 100 km/hr is 70dB.
  • Sounds great, but how much does it cost?!"
    Supply and installation can be anywhere from $7500 - $22,000 depending on model, design, existing site conditions, fuel source, and electrical systems. If this is outside of your budget, you may try a more cost effective portable generator with a manual transfer switch.

solar panel
for your home or business in Parksville

Want to go green in your home? Solar power is the conversion of energy from sunlight into electricity to provide you with efficient and clean energy for your home. We provide Solar Power Panel installation and custom design solar energy solutions to fit any home.


solar power systems for your house or business

We help businesses develop new ways to improve energy efficiency, reduce power costs and reduce your cardon footprint.  Our solar power experts will design and install high efficiency solar power systems custom to your business needs.

 You can gain energy independence by using Osprey as your solar power experts.


renewable energy

Renewable energy is energy produced from sources like the sun and wind that are naturally replenished and do not run out. Renewable energy can be used for electricity generation. We provide solar power panel installation and design services for your home, business and backup generation needs.* 
*Generators support renewable installs like gravy on a turkey dinner

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