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Professionally installed electrical work adds value to your home. 

It ensures that electrical codes are met, insurance requirements are maintained, and that you won’t be fixing problems for years to come.

It might seem like an easy job to change or upgrade your electrical system, but we often find that our experience, bulk buying power, and established efficient systems can provide excellent value for our customers; not to mention the assurance of a job done right. Trained electricians give you peace of mind, quality work that lasts, and most importantly is done safely.


Go with the experienced team at Osprey! We’ve been doing residential electrical work for years, and we’re committed to your satisfaction.

For Any Residential Electrical Work, Rely on Osprey.

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Great ideas

We stay up to date on todays latest technology and upgrades. We also can help you avoid dating your home with future proof upgrades.  


Call our office.

Book an electrician. 

We'll then call you and confirm time or get more details. No waiting, no pain. No hassle.


We'll take the time to help you plan ahead. We are not the cheapest, but we're the fairest (of them all.. ahem). Our estimates are detailed and thorough for your peace of mind.

No surprises

We will make every effort to get all the info you need and clearly outline what we are providing. We can also help with budgets for those messy "unquotable" renovations.

Passive House and Net-Zero Residential Design

Osprey Electric has completed multiple passive-designed home projects. This is a new ultra-efficient construction method with very low tolerances for error. Our latest project with Pheasant Hill Homes was actually tested to be the most air-efficient home in all of Canada. We are also recently completed Hornby Fire Hall which will be the first Passively Designed Fire Hall in Canada.

Inspections, Renovations and Upgrades

Electrician Panel Test

Electrical Inspections and Quotes

Worried that your home wiring or electrical panel may not be up to code? Even with all the DIY information available, it’s best to have an experienced eye. We can quickly spot electrical concerns, code violations and give you an estimate to upgrade your system. 


If you’re looking to buy or sell a home, or even upgrade something such as an in-law suite, the quality of your electrical should be top of mind. Replacing these systems can be costly, so don’t get caught unaware.


It’s a quick call to have an Osprey electrician provide an inspection. Take the time to work with a professional and spot any problems before they become a costly liability.

Custom Home Ladysmith at night
Framing New Home Nanaimo

Electrical Design for New Homes Builds and Spec Homes

Building a new house? We can help you design your electrical that best suits your style and budget, from your new service to the last cover plate. From the basic spec home to the intensive custom build, we work with many General Contractors and New Home Builders. 


Most homes do not have an electrical design but a floor plan idea. We are confident in our experience and ability to provide you with the best design and estimate for your specific needs.


Nearly all home builds change mid project with clients wishing to add small changes here and delete others there. Our unique design process helps alleviate concerns about "what's included" and "what isn't". We will walk through your house at framing stage and make any changes required to ensure you are satisfied with the end product.


Many high end residential projects involve input from lighting consultants, architects, and interior designers. Often small residential firms get lost in the paperwork and formalities of these intense projects. Our commercial experience is used extensively to streamline design and install. In the end the client gets the productivity of a residential company with the professionalism of a commercial contractor. 


You pull down the walls and you’re left with a mess of wires and cable. Do you need to upgrade your electrical? Does your existing lighting and electrical configuration support your dream renovation?


Talk with us before you renovate and we can help plan the most cost effective way to improve your electrical system. We can provide an estimate for rewiring your home, adding new lighting, telephone and internet system, or even installing hidden wiring for your TV! 


Whatever the outcome, it must work correctly, but also look clean. Our residential electricians provide you quality renovation work that’ll impress.

Electrical Upgrading and Renovations

Fairwind Renovation

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Troubleshooting - Our Process

Speak with one of our experts who will help identify solutions over the phone, or set up a time to come and meet with you in person. Sometimes a quick call is all it takes to take care of your concerns, and we’re more than happy to assist.

We work around your schedules, and that often means meeting early in the morning or after hours. Our electrical service professionals will visit your home, discuss your situation and inspect any problems.

A written estimate or budget is provided that clearly outlines the work to be done and time required. We believe in a transparent process that you can easily understand -- no hidden costs or vague quotes. Even if your project has too many unknowns for us to provide a hard quote, we can provide you with a budget based on historical data of other projects we have completed.  


All work is booked around a time that works for you. Once any electrical work is completed, we will thoroughly clean up our work and review it with you.


All work done by Osprey Electric comes with a satisfaction guarantee. If you have any questions or concerns after our job is complete, our team will meet with you and ensure everything is in order.