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From the time that Osprey opened for business, each year we have grown and surpassed our customers' expectations. Out of a recession we have emerged as a premium Electrical Contractor on Vancouver Island. This is not an accident but a result of our commitment to every project, every customer, and every employee.


Our success has stemmed from a reputation of working with our customers for the long haul. Every project is an audition for the next one. We understand the frustration many General Contractors experience regarding change orders and "extras". Our commitment to trust, fairness, and collaboration during design through to our final cover plate creates repeat customers. No project is ever executed perfectly but with the right team challenges are noted as early as possible and effectively overcome. Our team includes experienced managers and skilled commercial electricians, all with an ingrained company culture: Keeping true to our word.


It sounds simple, but we’ve worked very hard to create this reputation as the reliable choice for commercial electrical in Western British Columbia. 

Lets build it together


ONE Prompt accurate invoicing 

TWO No ridiculous change orders

THREE Work collaboratively with the design team

FOUR Identify risk early

FIVE Communicate (with actual phone calls)

SIX Correct and fast shop drawing submittals

SEVEN Consistent crews are onsite

EIGHT Tailor solutions with problems

NINE Safe, tidy and effective work crews

TEN Consistent fair estimating

ELEVEN Realistic cost savings

TWELVE Maintain schedule and show up on time

What every General Contractor Wants

What are the 

12 things every

General Contractor wants?

Commercial Electrical Services

Commercial Electrical

Strip Malls, Shopping Centers, High Rise, Stand Alone, Retirement Homes, Office Buildings, and Tenant Improvements.

Warehouse Electrical

Steel warehouses and concrete tilt up. 

Industrial and Marine Electrical

Water treatment, foresty, fish farms, manfacturing, oil and gas.

Institutional Electrical

Schools, health care facilities, government offices, military and naval facilities.

Multi-Residential Electrical

Multi-family developments and spec home construction.

Recreational & Commercial PV Electrical

Marinas, campgrounds, remote fishing lodges, and cabins. 

Commercial Tenant Improvement

Commercial Tenant Improvement

Warehouse Receiving Area

Warehouse Receiving Area

Rotor Maxx Warehouse

Rotor Maxx Warehouse

Microtel Ladysmith, BC

Microtel Ladysmith, BC

Osprey Electrician

Osprey Electrician

Natural Glaciar Waters

Natural Glaciar Waters



Retrofitting, Construction and Design/Build

KFC Campbell River


Corporate Tenant Improvement

-Campbell River, BC

Retrofitting and Upgrades

Retrofitting projects are very common for dated institutional buildings, commercial renovations or high rise upgrades. These improvement projects mean working around dated technology, and that can bring a lot of uncertainty in terms of scoping and cost.


We have decades of electrical construction experience and a diverse set of skills, so we can scope these challenging projects accurately. We keep costs in check and timelines under control.


New wiring, panels and electrical systems; we scope, install and service all types of electrical upgrade projects. We’ll decommission old control systems and wiring, replacing them with modern, clean electrical components.

Cold Storage Freight

Central Battery Emergency Inverter

-Nanaimo, BC

Commercial and Industrial Construction

Building a custom office or commercial building? Our experienced project managers can help plan and execute all electrical wiring, distribution, lighting and safety systems. This includes voice and data networks, fibre optics and fire alarm systems.


We act as a partner in custom construction, working with your architects and designers to ensure proper execution of your vision. 

Peerless Road Toll Booth

Peerless Road Recyling Center

Toll booth and weigh scale

-Ladysmith, BC

Design Build - Construction Managment - Integrated Project Delivery

‘Concept to Reality’


It’s a simple motto, but we believe in transforming ideas into results. You might have a sketch, a blueprint, or maybe just a thought. We can work with you to expand this into a workable plan.


To create a project from scratch requires experience. You need people who scope accurately and can design complete electrical systems. That’s what Osprey brings to the table. Experienced leaders who know how to successfully take a project from concept to completion.


We take a very straight-forward approach to electrical consulting. We’d rather be clear on budget and time constraints than set unachievable expectations. An honest approach may not sound innovative, but we know how quickly costs can escalate when expectations are not managed properly.

Warehouse Eriks Nanaimo

Eriks Warehouse

Corporate Tenant Improvement

Nanaimo, BC

Tendered Commercial Construction

Do you require a proposal for a commercial project on central Vancouver Island? With our strong industry alliances, accurate estimating, and competitive pricing, we're a great company to approach. We're thorough in our proposals and you can approach us with any questions or concerns you may have.

Osprey Advantages

Planning and Execution


We have decades of experience available to us, so we can help your project in any capacity you require. Some jobs need help planning, while others simply need qualified manpower to get the job done efficiently.

Codes and Regulations


Getting the job done right also means not only meeting all electrical codes, but being aware of current building practices for all diciplines. Different industries require different standards, and we’ve worked in residential, commercial and heavy industrial settings.



Big projects need big teams, and we understand that successful projects require collaboration; More importantly teams that care, think outside the box, and look beyond our own scope.


We'll even go the extra mile to streamline communication with industry authorities and stakeholders.