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Corporate Social Responsibility

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Children receiveing solar laterns from non-profit LuminAID.

Our world
is changing  quickly

Businesses can no longer afford to operate within the same framework that we have for decades past. Radical changes are required by all individuals and businesses to help reverse the damage created by the misuse of our resources: both human and environmental. Using the bottom line as the only measuring stick for success is no longer true success. While we at Osprey are far from perfect we are in our own way working towards a solution. 
We hope you'll notice that too.  
See below to find out what we are doing to achieve that.

Why does this even matter in choosing your contractor?

If someone's values amount to more than the "almighty dollar" should they not also provide the framework for measuring success against these values? How can a business survive if they don't make profit as it's sole stakehold. How can our world survive if people don't start voting with their pocket book. We believe financial success is but one notch on our measuring stick. Profit at the expense of our environment and people is not success. Putting these beliefs into hard action is the most effective, but challenging way to invigorate real change. 
Osprey identifies three stakeholders on our report card for success:  People. Planet. Profit.

Using our business to leave the world better then when we found it.

Creating a culture that values people and efficiency is not only good for the environment and people, its also good for our customers and the bottom line. When we hire people we ask them "what is your ideal job description". Why do we ask this? Because happy employees who are doing what they love, are productive people who waste little and are ultimately more profitable. We don't consider it a good business strategy to put someone in a position they don't want to be in. Likewise if someone isn't performing well, is that really where they want to be?  It's really a win win for the customer, employee company, and the environment.  

We instill this type of culture by pursuing our values of innovation, team work, and just plain trying to be a good person

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