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Osprey Electric is your first choice Electrical Contractor

Osprey Electric is offering residential and commercial electrical services all over Vancouver Island

From the first day Osprey was open for business, each year we have grown and surpassed our customers' expectations. Out of a recession we have emerged as a premium Electrical Contractor on Vancouver Island. This is not by accident, but a result of our commitment to every project, every customer, and every employee.

Tofino RCMP, Tofino, BC
Madronna Commercial Mall, Nanoose BC, BC

It might seem like an easy job to change or upgrade your electrical system, but we often find that our experience, bulk buying power, and established efficient systems can provide excellent value for our customers; not to mention the assurance of a job done right. Well trained electricians give you peace of mind, quality work that lasts, and most importantly, it's done safely.

 Osprey Electric: 4 step trouble shooting process 


Speak to one of our electrical experts
Speak with one of our experts who will help identify solutions over the phone, onset up a time to come and meet with you in person. Sometimes a quick call is all that is needed to take care of your concerns. We are more than happy to assist. 


Discuss your situation  with us 
We work around your schedule, and that often means meeting early in the morning or after hours. Our electrical service professionals will visit your home, discuss your situation and inspect any problems.


Estimate your electrical project
We provide a written estimate that clearly outlines the work that needs to be done. We believe in a transparent process that you can easily understand.


Working on your electrical project and review together
All work is booked around a time that works for you. Once any electrical work is completed, we will thoroughly clean up our work and review it with you.

Some of our projects as your Electrical Contractor

Go with the experienced team at Osprey!
We’ve been doing residential & commercial electrical work for years, and we’re committed to your satisfaction.

4 reasons Osprey Electric is your first
choice Electrical Contractor

Great ideas
for your electrical project
We stay up to date on todays latest technology and upgrades. We also can help you avoid dating your home with future proof upgrades.  
Our electricians are On time
Call our office.
Book an electrician
We will contract you to confirm the time and the details. No waiting, No pain. No hassle.
Our estimates are detailed
We'll take the time to help you plan ahead. We are not the cheapest, but we are the fairest (of them all.. ahem). Our estimates are detailed and thorough for your peace of mind.
No surprises
We will make every effort to get all the info you need and clearly outline what we are providing. We can also help with budgets for those messy "unquotable" renovations.
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