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Harness the power of solar energy! Discover the financial and environmental benefits of solar for your home. From understanding your energy consumption to solar panel installations, our experienced team is here to guide you every step of the way.

Courtenay's Solar Potential:
Exploring Solar Power in Courtenay BC

Osprey Electric is your go to for Solar Panel Installation and Sustainable Energy Solutions in Courtenay, BC. The concept of solar is easy and our local solar specialists will explain the numerous benefits of solar energy for your home or business in the Courtenay, BC and Comox Valley.  

Solar Panels harness the natural power of the sun to produce clean and green energy to power your business or home. Solar Power is not only environmentally friendly but also a smart choice when looking to decrease the price we pay for energy. Installing a solar panel system in your home in Courtenay will increase your yearly energy savings while adding additional value to your home. Throughout the year, Courtenay and the Comox Valley are faced with many weather challenges. Sometimes the power is out for hours or even days. By adding solar power to your home or business you will be able to keep functioning normally, using your appliances and devices because the solar panels generate electricity even when the grid is down. 

Osprey Electric has a team of solar experts in Courtenay BC, that will provide the information you need to make the switch to solar power.

Understanding Solar Energy: How It Works

Osprey Electric has a team of experts who specialize in Renewable Energy Solutions in Courtenay. We will make it easy for you to understand how your system works and why it is right for you. Solar panels use a material called photovoltaic (PV) cells to convert the sunlight into electricity. The PV cells will absorb the sunlight which then generates an electric current. This current is then converted from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) using an inverter. It is the AC electricity that is produced which will provide electricity to your home directly powering your appliances and electronic devises. Depending on your set up, any excess electricity will either be stored in back up batteries or fed back into the grid for a credit with your hydro provider. 

To recap, solar panels harness sunlight to produce electricity for your home or business by providing a renewable energy solution that is both environmentally friendly and sustainable for years to come.

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The Power of Solar Panels in Courtenay BC

It is no secret that climate change has had some major affects in Courtenay and on Vancouver Island over the past decade. Every year we see more and more changes in our weather which often leads to power outages.

In 2023 CTV News reported on storm coverage in Courtenay, BC and Vancouver Island highlighting the significate power outages experienced due to snowstorms and high winds reaching speeds of up to 90 km/hr. These outages affected thousands of residents in the North Island and Courtenay area of the East Coast. With the increase of climate change we are experiencing more and more unpredictable weather patterns in Courtenay and surrounding areas. By installing Solar Panels to your home or business, you are always one step ahead to safeguarding your home in the event of an outage.

Osprey Electric has the best Solar Panels Installation services in Courtenay BC. Our Solar Panel products are durable and are built to withstand all the elements of Courtenay BC and Vancouver Island. Our sustainable energy solutions will not only give you energy independence but also provide a great financial benefit. Solar Panels can significantly reduce your electricity bills and have no rising cost like conventional energy companies. In some cases, our clients have seen savings of up to 89% in energy costs and an increase value to their home. Contact o

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Expert Solar Panel Installation Services

Osprey Electric has a team dedicated to all providing our customers with the knowledge and service to make it easy to understand your options for choosing solar. We have a team of Red Seal electricians which will ensure clients receive high-quality service from design to installation every time. They are with you every step of the project to make sure that every aspect of the solar system in handled with care and precisions. Additionally, we will walk our clients through the entire process, so you understand how to utilize your solar panel system effectively while maximizing the benefits. 

By choosing Osprey Electric to install solar on your home in Courtenay BC, you can trust that you will be working with the best team of experts on Vancouver Island. Our team is knowledgeable and passionate about solar energy and we are dedicated to providing exceptional service and committed to helping clients add renewable energy to their home or business. 

Benefits of Solar Power in Courtenay BC

The advantages of adding solar power to your home or businesses in Courtenay BC are significant. By investing in your own solar panel system, you lock in your energy savings long term and decrease your reliance on traditional electricity sources like BC Hydro. Solar power can significantly reduce the money spent on electricity bills and increase the positive impact you have the on the environment. Often the initial cost of acquiring solar seems big, there are government tax benefits and incentives to offset the expenses. According to an information article on, the industry standard for most solar panels’ lifespans is 25-30 years. The average breakeven point for solar panel energy savings occurs 6-10 years after installation. Therefore, if your panels continue to produce at a high level for another 15 years after that, you will end up saving thousands of dollars during your solar systems’ lifespan. 


Osprey Electric is dedicated to providing the best quality products and service to guarantee every client is satisfied for years following their installation. 

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Solar Energy Savings and ROI

Installing a Solar Panel System to your home or business in Courtenay is an investment in your future and a way to do your part to help the environment. In addition to peace of mind knowing that your home or busines is powered by renewable energy there are also significant financial benefits for switching to a solar system. 

Solar panels can save thousands of dollars on annual electricity bills and offer an environmentally friendly and sustainable way to power your home. Our professional solar installers in Courtenay, BC will assess your home and advise you on the size and type of solar system you will need based on your home and energy consumption. For example, if your annual energy consumption is 15,000 kWh, you would need roughly 14 kW of solar panels installed. 

The cost of a solar panel installation varies depending depends on the size, quantity and type of solar panels you chose of your home. Courtenay installations generally vary in cost between $15,000-$25,000 and although the upfront cost seems high the return on your investment is even higher. 

There are greener home incentives in place from Municipal, Provincial and Federal Governments to aid homeowners financially to transition to clean energy. You can calculate your simple solar payback period using a basic formula.  (Initial Cost) / (Annual Savings) = Solar Payback Period
For example, if your initial purchase cost of the solar system was $15,000 and your annual avoided energy cost was $1,500 it would only take 10 years to payback your investment while adding value to your home. 

Based on market research, the most impactful influence on payback is the increase to the market value of your home. The value of solar array is reflected in the price of the home at 125-150% of the systems installed cost in BC. This means that the return on your solar investment is immediate. The day you installed your system you have already recuperated the cost of your investment with the increased  
value of your home. 

Sunset on Solar Panels
Financing Available for Solar Services
Regardless of your your situation we have solutions.

Environmental Impact: Contributing to a Greener Courtenay

The City of Courtenay is dedicated to making a greener and cleaner community by aligning with the province of BC to combat climate change. There are a number of initiatives underway within the City of Courtenay to reduce the environmental impact of our community. The City recognizes and supports the use of renewable energy to lower emissions and reduce the use of fossil fuels which harm the environment. By adding solar to your home or business you will aid in the community’s initiative to improve air quality, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and mitigate climate change which is critical to protecting our ecosystem. Using a renewable energy solution for your home you  will reduce your carbon footprint and gain you some energy independence. Embracing solar power in home or business not only secures long-term energy savings but also promotes sustainability, aligning with the town’s dedication to environmental conversation and green initiative. 

 Learn more about sustainability efforts in Courtenay here. Environment | City of Courtenay

Net Metering and Selling Excess Energy

When your solar power system generates more energy than your home requires, the excess is sent out to the grid and is registered on your BC Hydro Smart Meter as an ‘Outflow” of energy. In the reverse case, your energy loads are greater than the output of the solar system, so you need to import energy from BC Hydro to meet your demand and this is registered as ‘Inflow’ on your Smart Meter.

Every 2-month billing cycle the amount of your Inflow and Outflow is registered and if your Outflow is greater than your Inflow, the excess kWh are credited towards your next billing cycle. You are not ‘paid’ for the excess you generate; you accumulate the kWh credit for future use. If during the 2-month period your Inflow exceeds your Outflow, then you have a net energy charge that will have to pay.  

This is Net Metering. 

If on your annual anniversary date (typically March 1st) you have a net Outflow for the year, you will be credited for the net amount at the market rate which is set every January (for 2024 this rate is $0.103/kWh).
If you have a net Inflow as of March 1st you will have an energy charge for the net amount, like your regular billing cycle energy charges.
Every solar system that is installed on a residential home connected to BC Hydro must complete a Net Metering application. Clients with a 200A service or less, and a solar system that doesn’t include a battery system, can complete a Simple Net Metering application themselves with a little technical help from Osprey. 

Clients with a service capacity greater than 200A, or a system that includes a battery system, must complete a Complex Net Metering application. The complex application is to be started by the homeowner but will require some greater technical assistance from Osprey to finalize the application and complete the Field Verification process after the construction has been completed. In both cases, Osprey will fully support you as needed.


solar panel
for your home or business in nanaimo

Want to go green in your home? Solar power is the conversion of energy from sunlight into electricity to provide you with efficient and clean energy for your home. We provide Solar Power Panel installation and custom design solar energy solutions to fit any home.


solar power systems for your house or business

We help businesses develop new ways to improve energy efficiency, reduce power costs and reduce your cardon footprint.  Our solar power experts will design and install high efficiency solar power systems custom to your business needs.

 You can gain energy independence by using Osprey as your solar power experts.


renewable energy

Renewable energy is energy produced from sources like the sun and wind that are naturally replenished and do not run out. Renewable energy can be used for electricity generation. We provide solar power panel installation and design services for your home, business and backup generation needs.* 
*Generators support renewable installs like gravy on a turkey dinner

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