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Renewable Energy


Whether you are looking to decrease your monthly energy costs, become more energy independent, or you are targeting Net Zero living, Osprey Electric is your source for solutions that make sense. Our team provides a unique skillset that balances energy efficiency measures and renewable energy generation to give you what you need to manage your energy. Over the past decade solar has become far more cost-effective and accessible for every homeowner and business.

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Planning and Installing Your System

Renewable energy equipment requires specific location placement and design for optimum efficiency. These businesses, homes or cabin systems necessitate proper installation procedures and most require scheduled maintenance for ongoing energy savings. Larger commercial grade installations have even more factors to incorporate.


Our renowned and detailed estimating process will not only get you the best value but also outline the actual return on your investment using our historical data and forecasted hydro costs (no fluff we promise).


Do you know your yearly hydro costs?


We can tell you with a very close approximation how much we can offset your hydro bill. 


When you're provided with the correct information making an informed decision is easy.


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Commercial Grid Tie

Residential Renewables

Off Grid and Back Up


We have completed the two largest residential solar installs in BC.

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