“Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.”

– Peter Drucker

We understand making these decisions involve multiple stakeholders. Providing our customers with the right information to make data-driven decisions is the best sales pitch, it sells itself.

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Business Owners

Energy Conservation Measures (ECM) are a simple way for businesses to become more profitable. Saving energy is reflected directly in the bottom line of a business. Osprey Electric specialized in helping companies identify opportunities to save energy by implementing technologies and strategies that reduce costs. Technology has allowed us to conduct business with less energy-intensive methods and at Osprey we strive to help business owners implement these technologies to save money.


As a BC Hydro Alliance Partner, Osprey Electric can help your business become more profitable by surveying your existing operations and identifying opportunities to implement new technologies such as LED lighting to reduce costs. Often, there are simple yet effective strategies that can help reduce energy with little to no cost. We will help your business access incentives to reduce the cost of implementing energy efficient technologies.

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Whether you are building new or completing a renovation, Osprey Electric’s Energy Services can help you design your home for comfort and cost-effective living while minimizing your energy footprint. We work with “best in class” partners to provide a complete home energy solution. We supply and install energy efficient products that will make your home extraordinary in terms of comfort, function, and cost-effectiveness. 

We can help you save and reduce your impact


Let Osprey be your energy specialist. Whether you are designing for Net Zero or looking to add a few energy efficient features to your construction, Osprey Energy Services and Electrical Contracting can be your one-stop energy efficiency electricians. We work with architects, plumbers and other contractors to provide a full project view of green building. If you are looking to add Solar to your project, let us show you how.

We can help your project shine.

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