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Pre Qualification: All J- Persons and Office Staff who have been employed for 1 year can sign up. 
Osprey Electric Career and Leadership Development Program
While some people are born with natural confidence, most great leaders come to rise with the help of experience, training, and support. But what happens when those poised to step into leadership roles lack the critical skills needed to lead?

We believe with the right attitude every single staff member likely has untapped unique giftings, strengths that could be honed, and opportunities to improve. As you progress through your career working with people will become just as important, if not more so, than your tradecraft.

We've gone through and qualified only the best workshops and facilitators available where you can set aside some time to work on yourself and hone your skills throughout the year. Our workshops are short, impactful, effective, and led by professional training consultants. Many of these courses will be designed to specifically impact your daily responsibilities so that you can see an immediate impact.  Many of the skills you learn here will be transferable to your home life, sports leadership, and even parenting. Learning to communicate better won't just benefit your peers at work, it will help at home too. 

What if you could supercharge your abilities? With training, you can get to your career goals faster, develop yourself, and lead others in more meaningful ways. 
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Are you ready?


Every year dozens of people complete our workshops. All our courses have an important second step - accountability -  to ensure you put into practice one nugget from each course that YOU identify. 


Upcoming Events

  • FSR Refresh - 2021 Code
    Sat, Nov 19
    2021 Code is here. Get your 8 hour training to maintain your FSR and or just brush up on new code, and rub shoulders with some code masters. Available to all Jman and women within Osprey.